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Our Thinking

When your financial “stuff” is organized under one roof, remarkable insights arise. Your understanding and control increase, with the opportunity for costs to decline. You have the needs. We have the experience. Together, we can make a great team.

Retirement Planning

Few people today stop working cold turkey!

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Investment Planning

The investment world of our fathers and grandfathers doesn’t work anymore.

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Tax Planning

How do you go about minimizing your taxes, without taking a lot of risk?

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Estate Planning

The continued confiscation of personal property via the estate tax laws of the U.S. is likely inscribed in the near future.

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Educational Planning

Other than your home, there’s no greater bill lurking in your future than the tab for sending your children to college.

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Closely–Held Business Planning

We’ve rarely met a small business owner who doesn’t think his firm is worth a boatload of money.

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Executive Compensation Planning

Show us a successful executive, and we’ll show you someone who doesn’t have the time to really understand her unique compensation arrangements which could include stock options, stock grants, and deferred compensation.

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Long-Term Care Planning

This is the one financial bomb lurking in some people’s future most likely to compromise not the wealthy (with lots of money), or the not-so-wealthy (with little money), but the people with some money; that is, the middle class, even the affluent middle class.

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Insurance Planning

Just like you, we hate to pour money into premiums without understanding what we get for that hard-earned dollar.

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