Welcome to Ceponis Financial Group

At Ceponis Financial Group, we’ve re-defined how financial advice is given to clients. Over the years, we’ve come to find what people prize most highly is individual attention and care, and we’ve structured our firm to deliver just that.

CFG provides a uniquely intimate client experience through our experienced advisors, a high staff-to-client ratio and careful attention to and consideration of what our clients are saying and asking.

We strive to understand each individual’s financial situation, and believe that money without a purpose is a burden. We have labored to ensure that our clients and their money have a mission!


Does your money have a mission?

Do you really know . . . . .

How and how much you pay for financial help?                Fair

Exactly what your money is supposed to do?                Purposeful

What your advisor is telling you?                                  Understandable

What you own and at what risk?                                Transparent